Love All, Trust A Few,Do Wrong to None.

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— William Shakespeare

Hello Good Friends! My name is Alyssa, I'm nineteen years of age. Happily Taken 07/25/2012. I'm a southern girl from Oklahoma, with some unique quirks. Quite alright too. I am down right Looney. I am a major Whovian. I like shiny things, kittens, body art, cold nights, hot coco, open fields, horror films, sci-fi and the season fall. My man crush is David Tennant, and my woman crush is a three way tie; Emma Stone, Emma Watson, or Billie Piper. I am big, bold and beautiful.If you don't like that well, who cares! Go on about you life. You don't know what your missing! Equality Is The Key. Make Love not War, and many more cliches. Take a Risk. You might just find out something you never knew. Welcome to my world. Allons-y!